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1795 Map of Ohio 1795 Map of Ohio

Before we begin - a bit of background...

History of Beavercreek Township by Frank B. Zink, from Robinson's 1961 Rural Directory

Beavercreek Township is one of the original four townships in this section of the state. It extended as far north as Lake Erie. It is a beautiful valley, fertile, well timbered, rolling and picturesque. It is noted for its fine farms. The high ridge separating Beaver Creek and Mad River is a particularly fine fruit section.

The Pennsylvania and CH & D Railroads and the Dayton and Xenia Traction ran from west to east across the township. The Dayton and Xenia Turnpike was first built from Dayton to Alpha about 1858 and was later completed to Xenia, this affording the chief means of communication with market between these cities. This was built by a joint stock company and kept up in repair by collections made in the common way at the tollgate. Good roads extended throughout the township.

Beavercreek Township is the cradle of Greene County, for it was the little log cabin built by Benjamin Whiteman, occupied by Peter Borders, a short distance south of the log mill of Owen Davis erected in 1798 on Beavercreek that the first meeting of the associate judges of Greene County met May 10,1803. It was at this first meeting of the judges that the county was laid out by the order of the court and their boundaries designated.

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Brett Williford

Re-introducing you to the Beavercreek you love... from 1803 to today!

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