The Beavercreek Board of Education has voted to move from an all-day/alternating day kindergarten schedule to an allday/every day program effective August 2014. According to Ohio Department of Education data for Fiscal Year 2013*, 78 percent of public school districts and community schools in Ohio offer all-day/every day kindergarten. “We believe Beavercreek’s children should have access to the same high-quality educational opportunities as the majority of children in our state,” said Beavercreek Superintendent Bill McGlothlin, Ed.D. “Students that do not have access to all-day/every day programs are at a disadvantage because they receive half the instructional time and less opportunity for personalized, one-on-one interaction with teachers.” McGlothlin also notes that districts without all-day/every day kindergarten are responsible for reaching the same benchmarks for student achievement and growth over time as districts that offer such programs. “By moving to an all-day/every day schedule, we level the playing field for our kids and provide them with a stronger foundation,” he said.

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