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Election DayThe area commonly know as "Beavercreek" consists of two primary government authorities, the City Of Beavercreek and Beavercreek Township.  From a resident standpoint, there are few differences... they're served by the same fire department and school system, the tax base is nearly identical, and we all just seem to live in "Beavercreek".  The township is served by the Greene County Sheriff rather than the Beavercreek Police Department - this is the most outwardly noticeable difference.  If you live in the city - you also live in the township - If you're outside of the city - you're only in the township.

Please familiarize yourself with the candidates and issues presented prior to casting your vote.  It's important to note that party affiliations are not present on the ballot for numerous positions, if this is important to you - please see below as we have annotated the candidate with their affiliation, if any.

Information is presented as-provided, BeavercreekLiving.com will not endorse nor interpret candidate information.  The Ohio Secretary of State has some great online tools available here for you.

Election Day is:


 Candidates For State/Local Offices -

(Precinct of residence in italics)

  • US Senator
  • US House Of Representatives - 10th District
  • Governor / Lt. Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Auditor Of State
  • Secretary Of State
  • Treasurer Of State
  • State Representative - 73rd District
  • Greene County Commissioner
  • Greene County Clerk of Common Pleas Courts
  • Greene County Auditor
  • Ohio Supreme Court Justice
  • Ohio Court of Appeals (2nd District)
  • Court of Common Please (Juvenile Division)
  • Beavercreek City Council (Unexpired Term Ending


We encourage everyone to closely review the language of every ballot issue, bond issue and levy.  As Grandma used to say, "The devil is in the details".  Television and radio commercials will never provide full details, but merely sell you the sizzle they want you to hear.  A sample ballot with the approved language is offered below.

Ballot Issues -

  • Statewide Issue
  • Greene County Vocational School District (GCCC)
  • Beavercreek City School District
  • Greene Memorial Hospital
  • Greene County Children Services
  • Greene County Council On Aging
  • Greene County Developmental Disabilities
  • City of Beavercreek
  • City of Beavercreek Police Services


Sample Ballot -

  • You can download an actual sample of your personal ballot from the Ohio Secretary of State.  It's really easy - just CLICK HERE!  Note that there are ballot issue descriptions included, but that some party affiliations are omitted, see those above.
  • Here's mine if you don't want to go through the above.

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The City Of Beavercreek Information - 

The City Charter establishes a Council-Manager form of government with an elected City Council composed of a Mayor and six Council Members which exercises legislative authority over the governing of the municipality. The Council Members are elected at-large to four year revolving terms of office. The Council candidate receiving the most popular votes in each municipal election serves as Mayor for two years until the next election and as a Council Member for the remaining two years of office. The City Council meets two times monthly on the second and fourth Mondays. Click here for more information on meetings.  A City Manager is appointed by the City Council to direct and manage the municipal organization and services, and to advise and assist the Council.

Beavercreek Township Information -

As written by Frank B. Zink, "Beavercreek Township is one of the original four townships in this section of the state. It extended as far north as Lake Erie. It is a beautiful valley, fertile, well timbered, rolling and picturesque. It is noted for its fine farms. The high ridge separating Beaver Creek and Mad River is a particularly fine fruit section." Beavercreek Township encompasses 50 square miles of Greene County, and is bordered by Fairborn, Xenia, Sugarcreek, and Dayton.  Click here for a list of Township Trustees or for the Township calendar.

Greene County -

Greene County, Ohio, named for General Nathanael Greene, the Revolutionary War Hero, was established in its present boundaries in 1819. When Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803, Greene County stretched from Clinton County on the south to the then north line of the new state.

The Board of Greene County Commissioners is the general administrative body for county government and serves as the taxing, budgeting, appropriating, and purchasing authority for Greene County.

Departments under their jurisdiction provide a variety of services to the residents of the county. Their duties and authority are specifically outlined in the Ohio Revised Code. Each commissioner is elected at-large to serve a four-year term.

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