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We're changing our name and streamlining our focus, we really hope you'll enjoy the new!

Progress - noun ˈpräɡres/ forward or onward movement toward a destination.  It's also a verb, but not always.

Following a bout with Malware and a total re-write of the site, we're back in action and making needed improvements!

Preparedness is key when it comes to snow removal by the city and township -- and this year's gonna be a doozy!

We can all do better - some of us can do A WHOLE LOT better...

Beavercreek was once home to four covered bridges, all of which are now gone.  But nearby is a beautifully restored example of what was!

The City's road crews are primed and ready for the upcoming winter season - here's what to expect, and how you can help...

Over the coming weeks, Beavercreek will explode into a palette of beautiful Fall foliage - but where can you find BEAVERCREEK'S FINEST?!

Each year, Beavercreek is the center of the popcorn universe the weekend after Labor Day, love it or loathe it - what's your plan?

On August 19, 2015 Beavercreek City Schools unveiled an absolute gem of a facility for the youngest of our students!

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