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As you continue south on Beaver Valley Road, look to your right as you exit the s-curve, this was another stone quarry that provided stone for the eastern portion of the township.  Local men and boys would hand shovel and deliver stone slabs and gravel from the quarries to earn additional money.

This quarry was located on the Jacob Herring farm in 1874.

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Head north on Grange Hall Road and note the beautiful brick homestead of the John Archer family on the west side of the road, originally built by a member of the Darst family in 1841.  The east end of the wooded lot across the road was one of two stone quarries operated by the family.  Quarries then were either a hand-dug gravel pit or an open creek bed where limestone slabs were extracted for the construction of foundations and cellars.

In the image above, the quarries are the crescent-shaped hash marks.


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