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When you reach the stoplight at Kemp Road, turn right.  Just to the east on Kemp, across from Jacavanda Drive was the residence and gunshop of Sam E. Tobias, Inventor.  Considered a genius by many, Sam was a chief consultant to Winchester, Remington, Colt, and Ithica fire arms companies as well as a personal acquaintance of Henry Ford.  Sam was integral to the development of ballistics and was revered as one of the greatest gunsmiths around.

"Tobe", as Sam was known, reportedly worked on guns for Wild Bill Hickock and Annie Oakley as well as fashioning a gun for Henry Ford from the axle of a Model T!  Death claimed Tobias on November 11, 1927 after he developed an infection following the removal of some teeth.

The Beavercreek Chronicles (pages 157-160) offers great insight into one of the area’s most humble heroes who often shared ideas with others that made THEM rich, for Sam truly believed that money was the root of all evil.  Should you ever stumble upon a firearm stamped S.E. Tobias or a book entitled, Sam Tobias the Gunsmith by Gail Tobias Dorsey – buy them!


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