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Alpha Seed & Grain Elevator Alpha Seed & Grain Elevator

Alpha Seed & Grain was a bucket-style elevator operated by a steam engine, powered by a coal-fired boiler, there was always a large pile of coal to the west of the building.  A steam whistle sounded at noon every day.  A switch in the tracks would position boxcars right up against the building by the sliding doors.  Seed and grain were handled and shipped in burlap bags.

Lew Stewart, father of Mark and Ken, owned and operated the elevator for years.  In the photo of the four men on the scale below, it is believed that the second man from the left is Mr. Johnson (who later operated the mill for the Stewarts) and the third from the left is Ken Stewart.  The fourth man from the left may be a member of the Weng family.  If you can help us out, please comment below...

Local industrialist Ervin J. Nutter purchased the elevator in 1968 and used it for his agribusiness before donating it to the Alpha Historical Society.

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