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Beaver Church Beaver Church

Founded in 1817 or 1818 by the Reverend Father Thomas Winters, the Beaver Congregation of the Reformed Church first met in old Father Coy’s barn and subsequently in the Coy’s School House. In 1820, the members tired of worshipping in barns and school houses, circulated subscription papers to construct a proper church. Not being able to agree on a location, they designated three options and whichever community raised the most subscription funds would win the right to choose the location. Ironically, the most central point, the northwest corner of George Long’s land, also garnered the largest subscribed amount

Over the course of many years, associated churches were formed by members of the Beaver Church congregation and ultimately kindred places of worship were constructed in Aley Church, Mt. Zion Church and also churches in Xenia and Byron.

It’s interesting to note that churches of the time were built by community, not denomination. Beaver Church was constructed by both the German Reformed Church and Lutheran congregations, holding their services on either alternate Sundays or at differing times on the same day. As communities and congregations grew, individual houses of worship were built.

We encourage you to walk Beaver Cemetery sometime; it is a veritable who’s who of the history of Beavercreek. Within the swag-chain perimeter are dozens of real-life stories of triumph, heartbreak and history. You’ll find recognize names on markers from this work, the Beavercreek Chronicles and even the roads you drive daily. Your respect is appreciated.


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