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Next door to the Lone Pine was a supper club that was popular with local couples.  In the mid-late 1940's it was a member's only establishment known as the Midnight Sun that allegedly offered some less-than-legal casino gaming.  Stories have been shared that once or twice a year the Midnight Sun would be visited by the county law for an 'off-the-books' tax collection.  In the 1950's it was open to the public as the Alpha Supper Club.

The building later played host to the VFW until they built across the street, and reportedly the Alpha Baptist Church held services there until their building on Beaver Valley Road was complete.

In the image, the road just visible ot the right of the image is Beaver Valley Road heading north from Dayton-Xenia.  Looks like someone heading westbound on Dayton-Xenia struggled with the turn a bit, taking out a section of staves from the picket fence... more than one person has suggested it was likely Wendell 'Wendy' Marshall.

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