Stay Away From The Lone Pine...

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In what is now the parking lot of the Wellington Grille was a seedy little roadside tavern known as the Lone Pine.

Stories have said that the Lone Pine was a fairly rough place that had a number of cabins behind that would often be rented nightly by those traveling the rail lines.  They were also available weekly or monthly.  Local ministers would inventory the vehicles in the parking lot during the weekend and then make mention of their findings at Sunday's service!

The county Sheriff once reported that he was tiring of collecting drunks, alive and otherwise, from in and around the cabins.  A young lady was murdered in one of the cabins in the late 1940's, which was the end of the rentals...

The Lone Pine was later as The Road Runner.  Typically, the person who managed the Lone Pine lived in a small home that was located between it and the supper club next door.

I have to share that in meetings with local senior citizens for the development of this project, the mere mention of the Lone Pine would bring about a wide range of emotion, from embarassment of it's existence to the occasional wry grin.

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