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Whitey Marshall, owner of the Beaver Grill Whitey Marshall, owner of the Beaver Grill

As you approach the intersection of Dayton-Xenia Road on Factory Road, an early-1900’s icon sat upon the corner on your right - the Beaver Grill.  Although started years earlier, the restaurant experienced real growth after its expansion from a simple pool hall in 1928.  The menu was simple.  Sandwiches, soup, soft drinks, coffee and candy were available.  The Beaver Grill was a popular spot for BHS students to sneak to during lunch and the gracious, but business minded owners never seemed to know the Truant Officer's telephone number.

Many stories circulate about the Beaver Grill.  Once Elber Shoup, a regular, became so fed up with the burnt toast that he went behind the counter, unplugged the toaster and threw it into the middle of Factory Road.  Then owner Whitey Marshall got REALLY upset and was throwing a tantrum about it.  Unbeknownst to him, Elber had already purchased a brand new toaster and presented it to Whitey once his face had reached a more appropriate shade of red.

Through the tragedy of fire, the death of founder Hugh Marshall and numerous subsequent owners, the Beaver Grill survived until 1982 when the location was sold.

The building was demolished in 1986 so that the intersection could be improved.  A loosely organized “Club” involving plenty of coffee and tall tales frequented the Grill, their meeting place known as the Liar’s Table as they always occupied the same spot.  The table reportedly made its way to different locations after the Beaver Grill closed – and rumor has it familiar faces continue to enjoy coffee and the now-even-grander stories at various places around town!

The Liar's Table has found a new home at Irongate Realtors on Kemp Road in their 'Beaver Grill' meeting space - I hear you can request it for the closing of your real estate transactions!

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