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Make a right out of the parking lot, heading north.  Crossing the highway on Factory Road brings you upon the location of another local tragedy.  

March 18, 1959 eight girl scouts eight Girl Scout and their two leaders were killed in a collision with a train. On March 18, 1959 the troop went to the Xenia Library to work on a badge. They were on their way back, crossing the railroad which intersected Factory Road when their car was hit by a freight train. All eight girls and the two adults died from the collision. The girls were in 6th grade all but one of them were twelve years old, one was eleven. This website contains pictures of a newspaper article from the crash

The girls Sharon White, Paulnetta Randall, Ann North, Patricia Lipinski, Cynthia Moorman, Ann Wilvert, Linda Ward, Connie LaPrise, and the leaders Mrs. Jeanette Randall, Mrs. Lucille White are remembered today at Angels Pass. Angles Pass is a memorial park on Factory Road. There is a memorial stone placed next to a flag pole at the center of the park. There are eight benches circling the stone, one for each girl in the troop. The park is connected to the Creekside Bike Trail, which was converted to a bike path from a railroad track. This was the same railroad track that the train that hit the girls was traveling.

The accident was made worse by the fact that it could have been prevented if the crossing had contained flasher signs. The school board had pushed for the flashers in order to prevent a crash such as this earlier but had not gotten them. The tracks were later made into a bike path, which provides a safe way for people to bike across the area.

On March 29th 2009 a memorial ceremony was held for the girls and leaders at Angels Pass. Family and friends of the girls gathered along with many current girl scouts to honor the lives of the girls who were lost.

Memorial Site

The eight young ladies, all sixth graders from the BHS class of 1965: 

  • Sharon White
  • Paulnetta Randall
  • Ann North
  • Patricia Lipinski
  • Cynthia Moorman
  • Ann Wilvert
  • Linda Ward
  • Connie LaPrise

The two scout leaders:

  • Mrs. Jeanette Randall
  • Mrs. Lucille White

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