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Jill Kincer With Coy School Foundation Stone Jill Kincer With Coy School Foundation Stone

Jacob Sr. sold much of his land to his children and their spouses for $1 per tract.  He donated land for the first schoolhouse in Greene County, estimated to be near the intersection of Homeway and Towncrest Drives.  This school was taught by a very eccentric English gentleman, who prided himself on a rich sounding name and an imaginary title – insisting, on all occasions, on being addressed as Thomas Marks Davis, the Second.  He succeeded in supporting the dignity of the title on a very uncertain salary, fluctuating between eight and ten dollars per month.

In the image above, Jill Kincer of the Beavercreek Historical Society presents a foundation stone from Greene County's first school to be incorporated into the construction of BCSD's new pre-school adjacent to the Board of Education building.  Several of the stones were also used as the base around the main informational marker at Wartinger Park in 2015.

Jacob Coy and his sons and sons-in-law were instrumental in the clearing of land and opening up Beavercreek for farming, several of them incorporating granite-carved timber into their burial markers.

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