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The Daniel Shoup House of 1857 The Daniel Shoup House of 1857 Greene County

Turn right onto Patterson Road.  Both homes at 3927 and 3928 E. Patterson Road date to c.1900 and were on Shoup land.  On the right at 3827 E. Patterson Road is the Daniel Shoup House.  This Vernacular style all-brick home was started in 1857 by Solomon Shoup and completed by his son Daniel in 1858.  

The home and 200 acres were assumed later by Arthur Shoup, Daniel’s son, who was a progressive farmer for his day; incorporating crop rotation.  He was the first dairy farmer in the area to employ an automatic milking machine.  Unlike his father and grandfather, he did not pursue the tradition of being a minister in the German Reformed (Dunkard) Church.

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