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Brown School #1 Brown School #1

Continue through the four-way stop at Shakertown Road.  The land around you has been owned by the Miami Valley Research Foundation for decades in the hopes of growing the Research Park area near the Bergamo Center.  Recently, the large tracts have gone up for sale with the Bethel Christian Assembly of God buying the first at the northeast corner of the intersection.  This area will change tremendously over the next decade for certain.

At the base of the hill on the west stands a residence at 945 Grange Hall Road that has had many additions over the years.  The central building, visible by the chimneys found at either end, was the original Brown School #1.  On the opposite side of the road and block further north at 1024 Grange Hall Road is the second, larger Brown School #2 – also now converted to a residence.

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