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1874 Map 1874 Map

Up the hill and down the sweeping right curve leads you through farms owned by the Custenborder family as well as additional Hawker land including the Hawker-Graham House at 581 Grange Hall Road.  John Martin Hawker, Civil War veteran and grandson of Andrew Hawker, built this home in 1894 on the limestone foundation of his father, Frederick’s home which had been destroyed by fire.  John had lived in a small home at the southwest corner of Shakertown and Grange Hall Roads.  The house, barn and outbuildings are part of what was a 163 acre farm that was part of the original 3,000 acres purchased in 1803 by Jacob Coy, father-in-law of Andrew Hawker.  The original 1894 house interior remains, including the modest ballroom on the third floor.

A beautiful farmhouse at the southeast corner of Shakertown and Grange Hall Roads first appears on an 1896 map of Beavercreek and was likely a member of Valentine P. Coy’s family.

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