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Shakertown Shakertown

Welcome to Shakertown!  The Shakers were a religious sect that practiced celibacy, communal living and equality of the sexes in their leadership.  The actual name of the sect was The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, but they became known as Shakers due to the energetic dancing included in their worship services.   The community, named Watervliet, extended into both Montgomery and Greene counties and was founded by a wheelwright named John Huston.

The Shakers were significant contributors to early American life having invented the circular saw, flat broom and clothes pins.  Locally they were respected as hard working, peaceful and sincere people, supporting their commune with produce farming, the packaged seed industry, and Shaker-style furniture.  Their 160 acre tract in Greene County was primarily located along County Line Road at the current locations of the Mount St. John / Bergamo Center and the Research Park lands.

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