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1810 Solomon Shoup Springhouse 1810 Solomon Shoup Springhouse Beavercreek Historical Society

In the late 1800’s, John Schantz, who along with wife Mary bought the property in 1868, became frustrated when the mill dam, built of oak planks, broke one too many times.  He abandoned the water wheel and converted the mill to steam power, channeling the excess into clumsy radiators in the house – they weren’t much to look at, but it became the first home in the area to have steam heat and shortly after, an indoor bathroom.

Near the house was a large barn; west of it stood the mill on the slope of the creek.  Further west from the mill was a sawmill, and east of it was a frame building that was a smokehouse above and a springhouse below.  The water is a cool 50°F and was used in the cooling of warm milk prior to use or shipment to the diaries.  This building is known as the Solomon Shoup Springhouse and is the only springhouse known still to be standing in Beavercreek.  Also nearby were a blacksmith shop and a carriage house.

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