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Park at Beavercreek Station Park at Beavercreek Station

Head south and turn into the parking area of Beavercreek Station at the 9/11 Memorial.  This basin was previously known as Shoup’s Station, on the Pennsylvania rail line.  Just south of the tracks was the Dayton and Xenia Traction Company Line, which traversed farmlands east to Xenia and followed what is now Patterson Road into Dayton.  On the east side of North Fairfield Road is an access road that crosses the Little Beaver Creek.  This leads to the Schantz-Hagenbuch Home, originally a small one-room brick house which George Shoup built for his son Solomon in 1810.

George had brought his family from Frederick, Maryland in the very early 1800’s to continue his milling trade.  He constructed a large three story, three stone undershot water wheel mill on the south side of the creek with a daily capacity of forty barrels.  Over the years, both the Shoup and Hagenbuch families added numerous additions.   An enormous fireplace had a handwrought crane that swung over the fire.  The bricks were all fired on site, just west of the home.

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