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Aboard an early 19th century Interurban car Aboard an early 19th century Interurban car

Lifers still refer to this area as “Push On”, but no one knows the exact history of the name.  Two stories seem to be most common, the first is that farmers driving cattle from Xenia to the Dayton slaughterhouses (On Springfield Street near the former ‘Stockyards Inn’) would rest the herd near the current intersection of Route 35 and North Fairfield Road before they would ‘Push On’ to Dayton.  It is also told that train and traction (more on this shortly!) conductors would ask passengers if they were disembarking or if they would ‘Push On’ to Xenia - this is the most common story.

On the east side of the downhill grade is Meadowbridge Drive.  Beaver-Vu bowling alley has been a long-time favorite of Beavercreek residents - especially in the 1970's when a billiard room was constructed.  Original owner Cy Grilliot was an intimidating character who would stare down patrons at the desk until they mustered the courage to ask for his assistance.  His saltiness may have come from customers enjoying too many libations and then rolling bowling balls down North Fairfield Road - names withheld to protect the accused!

Behind the bowling alley is a dental office complex that was for decades the Beaver-Vu skating rink, the first in the area that didn't offer hardwood flooring.

An Imperial Grocer and Goldman's Shopping Center were also nearby.


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