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1855 Map of the village of Zimmerman 1855 Map of the village of Zimmerman

The German Baptist church was prevalent in Zimmerman and throughout the township dating back to 1805, the original ministers being Jacob Miller, Elder Sigler and Moses Shoup.   Once a year, their custom of ‘washing of feet’ would occur following communion.  One of the ministers would wash the feet of the brethren (the men), while the sisters would wash the feet of the ladies.  In slang, they were often referred to as ‘Dunkers’ or ‘Dunkards’ due to their tradition of full immersion during baptism, where members kneeled into the water and were dipped three times, face first.

German Baptists were opposed to war and would not bear arms, nor vote at political elections.  Disputes were settled in the church without appealing to the laws of the country.

Also in Zimmerman were a blacksmith shop and the Stewart Grocery, which would provide on credit or by barter.  During the Great Depression, Crawford Smith owned the store, then named Smith Grocery, he offered credit to accommodate customer’s needs regardless of ability to pay at that time.

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