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Map of Zimmerman Map of Zimmerman

The area most now consider the center of Beavercreek was long ago known as the settlement of Cimmermanville, then Zimmermanville, and later shortened to Zimmerman.  The first home built here was at the southeast corner of Dayton-Xenia and North Fairfield Roads for Jacob Zimmerman, for whom the village was named.  In this home was the first grocery.  He also kept a house for ‘the entertainment of travelers.’

This was the second-largest town in the township to Alpha.  Zimmerman School #12 sat just west of the intersection and was led by Professor Frank Zimmerman in the early days.  This was a rare two-room school with the older students in the Big Room and the younger in the Little Room.  Well behaved students would be awarded the honor of ringing the school bell for recess, while those not-so-fortunate would lug coal and clean the ash pan.

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