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Rest Haven Restaurant Rest Haven Restaurant

Adjacent to the fire station is the Harshman-Zimmerman Cemetery, burials include one of the area’s first doctors, Dr. George Zimmerman, as well as several members of the Harshman family.  Further east at 3685 Dayton-Xenia Road is a farm of nearly 49 acres that has been in the Durnbaugh family for in excess of 140 years!  Near 3600 Dayton-Xenia Road was the location of the Rest Haven, built in 1924, famous for their live black bears!

Enjoy this diagnosis and treatment attributed to Dr. Zimmerman on March 26, 1801: "...your mother's illness is a catarrh or rhumatic fever and is caused by the stomach and is a stomach cough, although the Zelnkoder may come from the lungs, such as a sickness is not half as dangerous with old people as with younger ones.  I wish wither her medicine your mother would take what I now tell you.

Take ½ gallon hard vinegar, 1 handful yssop, 1 handful fluellin, ½ oz. sea onion, 1 oz. gum amoniac boil it down to half then strain and take the same amount of honey and boil down to 1 pint.  She should take 3 times a day, 1 Tbs. in a teacul of milkshotten...

There is another cure for such a sickness.  Take a fresh laid egg, boil it in the urine of the patient, then 10-15 small holes in the egg, bury it in an anthill and whn the ants have eaten up the egg, the patient will be well."

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