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Daniel Coy Farm Daniel Coy Farm

Continue east on Dayton-Xenia road beyond Grange Hall Road. 2611 Mardon Drive was the home of the Family Room restaurant, which opened in July of 1961. At 3930 Dayton-Xenia Road, you’ll find the Daniel C. Coy house, built c.1896. Daniel was a prominent local farmer and was also a practicing chiropractor in Dayton.

As you approach the stoplight at N. Longview Drive, the neighborhood we call Knollwood was once a town of its own including a grocery, post office and other necessary services over the years including:

  • The Knollwood Barber Shop
  • The Knollwood Carry-Out
  • The Knollwood Hobby Shop
  • The original Lofino's at D-X and Brook Lynn
  • The Library next to Lofino's
  • Cassano's Pizza King
  • Shoup's Sporting Goods
  • Kozen's Hardware
  • Tom's Sohio
  • Karl's Marathon
  • The Shell Station with Dallas Lunsford's Chevelle, 'Snoopy' and his other drag car, 'Red Baron'
  • Fry's Auto Parts and more!

There were plenty of oil pan scrapes on North Central from cars jumping the hump in the road - not to mention the infamous cinnamon oil dipped toothpicks from the corner pharmacy that were ultimately banned by Principal Sweet at Ferguson Junior High!  Horses were a common sight in the area then as well...

Its most rapid development came as there was a shortage of housing for returning WWII veterans. There is a wide variety of bungalow style homes as well as pre-fabricated homes manufactured by Sears-Roebuck and the Lustron Company. This is also the location of the Beavercreek Senior Center, affectionately known as the Old Lofino’s (even though it was the second Lofino’s!), a locally owned grocery. Hawker Church experienced tremendous growth and built a new structure just to the north of the Senior Center.


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