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We're changing our name and streamlining our focus, we really hope you'll enjoy the new!

So why, after ten years, would we change our name?  Several reasons...

  1. NoSFrom an website perspective, the 's' in was always a challenge.  It complicated web searches due to the fact that they would recognize Beavercreek, but not Beavercreeks.  Even in telling someone the name of the site, it was a matter of over-emphasizing the 's'... but never really knowing if it would be remembered or not.  The original thought behind 'BeavercreeksFinest' was also for the purpose of highlighting local businesses and events - for example BeavercreeksFinest hamburger or BeavercreeksFinest neighborhood park.  Regardless, the idea didn't work. 
  2. I'm also just a little OCD when it comes to grammar and I've gotta tell ya - the lack of an apostrophe in the URL and logos drove me up the proverbial wall!  The web doesn't recognize symbols, so www.Beavercreek' was never going to happen.
  3. Awful WaffleMany people assumed that the site was somehow connected to the Beavercreek Police Department!  Think about it... New York's Finest, L.A.'s Finest, Detroit's Finest - it's not a stretch to assume that would in fact be associated.  One of the more memorable instances occured at the Waffle House (don't judge me) across from The Greene where one of the cooks noted the logo on my shirt and exclaimed that he hated cops!  I can't recall if I vigorously came to the BPD's defense or reconsidered so that my breakfast would remain absent of biological addition - but either way, the connection was noted.

Following a string of hacks during late 2017 and 2018, I decided to redesign the site for both site security as well as overall aesthetics.  Thus came my big opportunity for a name change, but to what?  A bit of time with Danica and GoDaddy provided a clear solution -  As to the above, it eliminates the possessive 's' from the URL as well as the evil apostrophe; it also avoids the assumption of connection to the BPD.  More importantly, it better defines our intent and goal - after all, the site's all about living in Beavercreek!

New LogoA new logo was also part of the equation, the logo with the anniversary clock was always popular and identifiable - but only if you were already familiar with it and Beavercreek.  There are other towns named Beavercreek around the nation, the most recognized being the ski resort town of Beavercreek, Colorado.  The solution?  The designer dropped the clock in exchange for a creek set into an Ohio framework.  Done.

That brings us to today - new site, new securities, new name and new logo!  We're going to do fewer things, better.  A new focus on sharing local interests including regional history, legislative updates, supporting local business and generally providing information to improve your quality of life will keep us plenty busy!

Please bear with us as we review and update each page of the site - and if you haven't seen our history project, The Beavercreek Heritage Trail... please check it out!

We'd love to hear your ideas, please share your thoughts on our Facebook Page.

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