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North Fairfield Area... Eric Nicholson

Heading west on New Germany-Trebein Road, you’re crossing land that was owned early on by the Harshman, Reece, Koogler and Hotopp families amongst others.  The intersection at North Fairfield Road was largely undeveloped until the late 1980’s when the Mall at Fairfield Commons was constructed.  The building of the mall was quite controversial.  Beavercreek was growing at a rapid pace following the installation of the I-675 bypass around Dayton.  Though the growth was likely inevitable, long-time residents initiated a campaign to ‘Stop Malling Beavercreek’ in the hopes of retaining the distant suburban feel they had enjoyed for decades.

The photo above, provided by Eric Nicholson, was taken at the intersection of North Fairfield and New Germany-Trebein Roads.  It is believed to be looking northeast, toward the current shopping center that includes Lowe's, Best Buy and Kohl's.

Germany Lane AerialWhen crossing North Fairfield Road, New Germany-Trebein Road changes its name to Pentagon Boulevard, which formerly connected to Germany Lane in the town of New Germany across the highway. Looking at an aerial map, you can pretty clearly see where the roads previously met.



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