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Following a bout with Malware and a total re-write of the site, we're back in action and making needed improvements!

I started this site almost ten years ago due to a void of blended information about Beavercreek.  Sure, there were sites that conveyed info:Screenshot3

  • The city and township pages
  • The Chamber of Commerce
  • The Beavercreek News, etc.

But their content was hyper-focused to their missions... governmental services, Chamber-oriented businesses and local news. was conceived to provide more than just the 'what' that living in Beavercreek means, but also the 'why'.  We've focused on the positive attributes of the schools, businesses, people, events and most importantly - the community.

We've certainly had our share of FAILURES!

  • Marketplace - A no-cost sales directory where we truly believed local residents would submit items for sale... think Craigslist.  Who we actually attracted were sleazy vendors from overseas who listed everything from sunglasses by the gross to knock-off purses.
  • Business Directory - We'll chalk this one up to 'best intentions' that were apparently mine alone.  In the spirit of Angie's List and Buying Local, we assembled a Business Directory where residents could not only discover, but provide comments on local companies.  The catch?  I'd set up an account for the business owner so that they could submit their company description, contact information, photos, etc. creating their own page on the site!  The problem?  Only 3 companies played along... one local, now defunct CPA angrily escorted me out off his property when I offered him the service - for free.
  • Interactive Calendar - The root of all evil, at least as far as is concerned.  Maintaining and updating it proved overly time consuming in relation to my 60+ hour per week job.  The easy solution was to allow users to submit their events to the site themselves... which gave an opening to legitimate Russian hackers to knock the site offline with malware.  Now affectionately known as the 2017 Death Knell.
  • Programming - Last but not least... I'm not a programmer, I'm a REALTOR®.  In 2008, a friend and marketing guru told me, "The charm of your site is that it looks like a regular guy is working on it in his basement."  I was.  However, it didn't take long for expectations to surpass abilities and nudge me toward hiring a developer to build the framework.  I've continued writing 100% of the content, but the site maintenance alone was costing me thousands per year.  I suppose this is less of a failure than a shortcoming, but it turns simple ideas into vast projects that require months to perform.

The successes FAR outweigh the above!  Through the site I've met hundreds and hundreds of Beavercreekers and have been thanked more times than I can count for offering residents a more intimate view of their hometown.  Some of our readers' favorites have been:

  • The Beavercreek Heritage Trail - an online tour of Beavercreek history with hundreds of pictures, stories and points of interest that even local 'lifers' enjoy!
  • Best Of Beavercreek Blog - That you're reading now!  Stories of current interest as well as glimpses into Beavercreek the way it was...
  • Our Politics Page - Seasonally popular!  We allow any candidate with constituents in Beavercreek to post information in a more informal setting.  It's a great place to educate yourself as to the people and issues that affect your life.
  • Our Real Estate Module - A sneak peak at some special home offerings, for information on participating - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We're still in the midst of our re-launch and will be putting a lot of time into not only adding fresh content, but also cleaning up past information.  Check back often and share the site with your friends on social media!

Thanks for reading down this far on the page - we appreciate you!

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