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On August 19, 2015 Beavercreek City Schools unveiled an absolute gem of a facility for the youngest of our students!



School Board President Mick Lundy introducing the staff of Beavercreek's New Pre-School

Since 1992, Beavercreek City Schools has operated a wonderful pre-school at Parkwood Elementary.  Years of growth and state mandates led to the installation of outdoor, modular classrooms at Parkwood to accommodate the overflow of pre-school students.  Knowing this was a stop-gap solution, the Board of Education began the planning of a stand alone pre-school facility in 2007.

BillMAt today's Open House, Superintendent Bill McGlothin dedicated a state-of-the-art, incredibly unique building that will serve our community for decades to come!  BCSD School Board President Mick Lundy noted that the facility was meticulously researched and designed, but it will be the staff that brings it to life for the 3-5 year olds that will attend beginning next week.

Director of Pupil Services for the Pre-School, Bobbie Fiori, reported that the nine class rooms will strive to maintain a ratio of 50% youth with special needs or educational requirements with 50% 'role model' students.  Each classroom wil have a teacher with both Early Childhood Education and Special Education certifications as well as a teacher's aide.  The school also has three special therapists on staff.

Teacher Leah Mosser thanked the community, Board of Education, the Pre-School Administration and Dr. McGlothin for not only providing a wonderful facility, but also a well-thought educational concept that's outside of the 'adult world' box and centric around the experience of being a 4 year old.

A hands-on, exploring environment, the nine classrooms are arranged in a circular pattern around an amazing central courtyard.  Each room is different with common elements including smart boards, large private bathrooms, sliding glass doors to the hallway, storage cubbies for students, and vaulted ceilings to maximize natural lighting.

The school also features a dramatic play area, large muscle room, a full kitchen and a beautiful reading tower inspired by the Maurice Sendak book, Where The Wild Things Are!

The outdoor courtyard was the big hit of the open house.  For student safety, it's complete enclosed by the building and offers numerous educational play areas like you've not seen before!  The covered north end features open storage for a plethora of youth accessible creative play items.  The courtyard itself includes a water play area, gardening spot, earthen mound, sandbox, slide, and climbing aparatus all on a mixture of natural grass, sidewalk, mulch and rubberized surfaces!  It's truly a non-traditional space designed to work both large muscle groups as well as cross-over and fine motor skills.

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The school's design lends to teaching young children in multiple environments with an emphasis on engagement rather than a standard classroom setting.  The windows are low on the walls, perfect for the age group.  Teachers' offices are equiped with play equipment for a comfortable evaluation setting.

As Dr. McGlothin closed the dedication, he affirmed that this is the community's building - and one that we should take great pride in!

Additional information from the BCSD website available here.


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