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Tobias-Zimmer Barn Tobias-Zimmer Barn

The 1858 Peter Tobias-Zimmer barn is a one-story salt box design with the white oak frame mortised and pinned. It was built by Peter Tobias in 1858 and subsequently owned by The Zimmer Family. From the plain style of the barn, it is thought that the carpenters were Shakers. It came from the area known as “The Big Woods” in Beavercreek. The original siding was vertical white pine with hand-split walnut lap-sided gable ends. All materials came from the farm except the white pine siding.

Originally, it was located in Zimmer Estates on the property of Bob and Agnes Zimmer who donated the barn and moved it in one piece to Wartinger Park in 1996. The barn was used among other things, for threshing. Sheaves of grain (mostly wheat, oats, and barley) were stored in the mow following a short curing time in the shock. During the yearly threshing season, the threshing machine was positioned on the barn floor with the rear barn doors open. Straw was blown on a pile out in the barnyard. After the move, new board and batten siding was added along with a concrete floor. The old metal roof and wood roof shingles were removed and replaced with a new standing seam metal roof.

The barn now contains many demonstration items used by the Beavercreek Historical Society for their Wartinger Park functions.

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