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John Nicodemus Cabin John Nicodemus Cabin

It was donated by Max Zink to the Flower Trail Garden Club in 1979 and moved to Wartinger Park. Originally located on the southeast corner of New Germany and Grange Hall Roads on property which was owned by the Zink family. The Zink family had moved there in 1932. For many years, the home was rental property , then it stood empty. Finally, the Board of Health issued a close order. In the process of tearing off the weather stripping, the old log cabin was discovered. Research showed that the cabin was built by John Nicodemus in 1811.

The Nicodemus Cabin became the second cabin at Wartinger Park, the first being the Jarusiewic Cabin, both are used by The Flower Trail Garden Club. Stone removed from the cabin’s original foundation was used around the cabin base.

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