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George Jarusiewic's Cabin George Jarusiewic's Cabin

The Jarusiewic Cabin (c. 1805) was discovered in April 1972 on North Fairfield Road. In 1972, Beavercreek resident George Jarusiewic owned the property, and his restaurant was named Scotties. George Jarusiewic wanted to preserve the old house for Beavercreek. The house was dismantled, meticulously, and rebuilt at Wartinger Park by George Jarusiewic.

In the spring of 1997, the 16 by 24-foot structure was removed from the park by the Beavercreek Parks, Rec. and Culture Dept because of insect infestation. Only the fireplace was salvaged. Brady Kress, Executive Director of Dayton History made the replica, authentic to the period. Ten tons of stone made the stone fireplace from a cabin located on Sperling Lane in Beavercreek.

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