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Sunnyside School Sunnyside School Dale Ankeney

The northwest corner of North Fairfield Road and Kemp Road was the location of the Mt. Pisgah German Reformed Church. This building was later used as Sunnyside School, reportedly the second schoolhouse in Beavercreek.. Sunnyside Cemetery still exists north of the intersection and is the final resting place of members of the Cyphers, Goldshot, Harshman, Howett, Koogler, Reiglesperger, Sensenbaugh, Swigert and Trubee families, with the earliest burial being John Helmer in 1823.

The north-central area of the township was a collection of large tract farms, owned by G.B. LaFong, the Koogler, Lantz, Tobias and Harner families amongst others. There were no ‘towns’ in the immediate area, so travels to New Germany, Byron, Zimmerman and Trebein were common.

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