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Nicodemus Cabin Nicodemus Cabin

Drive south (left) on Grange Hall Road. At the southwest corner of Grange Hall Road and Pentagon Boulevard is where the Nicodemus cabin was discovered in 1976 and subsequently moved to Wartinger Park. Insect infestation ultimately caused its removal from the park, but a replica was built using the original fireplace. The original structure was likely built by a member of the Hotopp (Hoetopp) family.

Continuing south, we bisect the 158 acres of the Solomon Snypp property and turn west onto Kemp Road, named for Jacob Kemp. On the north side of the road near the site of 3962 Kemp Road sat the second Aley School #3. Across the street near 2237 LaGrange Road was the Ealy (Aley) blacksmith shop. Further west is Aley Church, founded in 1838 by Jacob Aley. The smaller building at the west end of the parking lot was second church, built after a fire consumed the first. Just west of the church at 2100 Wagner Trace Drive lies the former Abraham Hawker Estate which encompasses the current Wagner Trace and Summerfield Village neighborhoods.

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