The Bellfair Country Store...

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The Bellfair Country Store The Bellfair Country Store

A block north stood, at the corner of G. B. Lafong’s 208 acre parcel stood the Church of the Brethren.  Prominent in the Zimmerman area were the Shoup, Hanes, Coy, Stine, Tobias, Black and Bates families.

At the southeast corner of North Fairfield Road and Lantz Road stood the Bellfair Country Store, which survived as a nostalgic destination until the late 1990’s!  From the early days it was a great place for penny candy, ice cream and an ‘old time’ soda or phosphate!

Gary Deis was the former proprietor, and in an effort to increase business, started an event in the parking lot focused around his popcorn machine.  He even marketed fictitious ‘popcorn burgers’ that would flip themselves on the grill when the kernels would pop!  His idea blossomed into Beavercreek’s Popcorn Festival, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually the weekend after Labor Day.

In early 2018, the area underwent a great transformation with many of the old Zimmerman homes being demolished for a new commercial development on the west side of North Fairfield Road.

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