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Mr. Gatti's Mr. Gatti's

Hanes Road didn’t exist in 1874, it eventually tracked north along the property line of the 217 acre farm of Jonathan Hanes on the east and a 137 acre tract owned by Moses M. Shoup, on the west.

Throughout the years many businesses have called these shopping centers home: G.D. Ritzy’s, Cap’n Bogey’s, Mr. Gatti's, Beavercreek Cinema, Bud Frantz’s Fairfield Inn, Char-Burger, Scottie’s, Imperial Grocer, and many, many, many more.

The southeast corner has changed quite dramatically.  The Kroger, which originally faced Dayton-Xenia Road, was demolished and now faces North Fairfield Road.

In the late 1970's a bar named The Mouse That Roared was located at the west end of the strip center.  It was allegedly quite the meat market!  As the story goes, a major entertainment complex in the Orlando, Florida area didn't appreciate The Mouse's representation of their major rodent character being inebriated in a cocktail glass on their sign!  A graphic of their two rodents doing the popular 70's dance 'The bump' on the side of their supply van was more than W.D. could take.  The Mouse was ultimately sued... so much for creative marketing!

Later, the location re-opened as Wolfie's - another bar / dance club.  In the interest of maintaining a G-rating on the site, we'll defer on sharing Wolfie's stories...

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