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After increasing population and increasing demands from the State Board of Education (Sound familiar?), the citizens united for the common good and in 1932, all of the one-room schoolhouses and the high school were closed and the entire school district was moved into the new centralized school now known as Main Elementary.

1932 was also the first year for buses to pick up students and also the first in-school cafeteria.  The class of 1933 graduated with twenty-five members.  In 1951 a fourteen-room building was built to the immediate west, with another seven rooms added in 1953.  This building housed grades one through four and was later known as West Main Primary School.  The two buildings were connected in the latter twentieth century.

The last class to graduate from the centralized 'Beavercreek School' was the class of 1954 with sixty-two graduates.

This photo, we've not seen anywhere else, was found rolled into a small tube.  Upon smoothing, scanning and editing you can clearly see into the auditorium.

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