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BHS 1888 BHS 1888

Please turn right at the stoplight onto Dayton-Xenia Road.    In 1887, Beavercreek High School opened, the second high school in the state.  Twenty pupils enrolled and classes were held on the second level of the old Stage Coach Inn while the new building was under construction.

Upon completion in late 1888, the students marched their tables, chairs, and books up the street to the new building.  This new school gave the students a lot more room.  Instead of a whole 'grade level' being at one table, there were only four students to a table.

The south room was used for Freshmen and Sophomores, the north for Juniors and Seniors.  Upstairs, smaller rooms were used for smaller classes.  In 1914, two more rooms, one for science and one for home economics, were added to the west end of the building to accommodate the increasing population.  The first class to graduate from Beavercreek High School was in 1891 with eleven students.

Just to the southeast of the school, pictured below c.1930, is the vocational and agricultural classroom which also served as a horse barn and farrier shop.

In 1915, two more rooms were added.  The school was eventually outgrown and moved a bit west.

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