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The Jacob Herring House The Jacob Herring House Alpha Historic

The areas east and west of Beaver Valley Road and south to Obetz Drive were 334 acres owned by Jacob Herring.  When the settling of Beavercreek was still underway, Mr. Herring who owned a tract of land near the creek in Alpha, heard that a fertile ground north of town was available.  General Benjamin Whiteman Jr., Major General during the War of 1812, famed leader of expeditions against the Shawnee, son-in-law of pioneer Owen Davis and one of the area’s original settlers, learned of Herring’s desire to acquire the land.  He approached Herring and negotiated a price of five dollars per acre for the tract.  Unbeknownst to Mr. Herring, the land was an unclaimed land grant and not owned by General Whiteman.  After consummating the deal, Whiteman immediately went to Cincinnati and entered it into his own name at less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre.  He then re-sold the land to Mr. Herring for nearly a thousand dollar profit!

This land now includes Grace Crossing Church (Howell’s Orchard), Rona Village Condominiums and the entirety of Hunter’s Pointe!  Beyond Obetz Drive is the 279 acre property that was owned by William C. Cline.  It encompasses Oakbrook Chase as well as Hunter’s Ridge One and Two.

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