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Cozad-Phillips House... Cozad-Phillips House... Greene County

Continuing south you’ll find the Cozad-Phillips House (also known as The David Gray Elm Home) at 1823 Beaver Valley Road.  Perched majestically on the western ridge of the Beaver Valley, it was built on 200 acres by John Cozad in 1856.  The Federal-style farmhouse was originally built in the shape of a cross, its corners eventually filled in by additions.  The original roofing was of cedar shakes, the soffits of 24” wide by 1” thick walnut boards and the box gutters were of copper.  The interior woodwork is all of walnut.  It was plumbed and wired for electric around 1918 when electricity was first brought to Beavercreek.

The second owner of the home and alternate namesake, David Gray, was one of the few successful 49’ers from the California gold rush of 1849.  He purchased the home on May 11, 1866 for $8,820, ostensibly with California gold earnings.  Later, the home suffered tremendous neglect.  In 1994 it was purchased by Ed and Diane Phillips of Beavercreek and extensively restored into the beautiful estate you see now.

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