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There are numerous stories of haunting in Beavercreek; one takes place just to the northeast of here! If heading to the former town of Byron, Trebein road is haunted by the ghost of a woman who was flung from her carriage after it hit a rock and died (on her wedding day). Her father and fiancée dug up the rock and tossed it to the side of the road where it remains today. She is seen wearing her white wedding dress, often near the time of her anniversary or birthday. Some believe that if you stop and she touches you that you will become old and she will be young and beautiful again. We’ll avoid the area to help preserve your youth – just in case!

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We’ll be heading south, but it’s interesting to note that at the slight left jog in the road on the west side of Beaver Valley Road at 2533 was the Howard wagon shop in 1855. Later, in 1874, the land was owned by Sam Cosler. The land east of Beaver Valley is now known as the Siebenthaler Nursery. Please turn right and head south on Beaver Valley.

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