Large Farms And A One-Room Schoolhouse...

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Ludlow School #8 Ludlow School #8 Dale Ankeney

Very carefully turn left onto Fairgrounds Road.  Once through the sweeping left curve, much of the land on the left is actually Beavercreek Township park land known as Fairgrounds Park.  The creek at the bottom of the hill is known as Ludlow Run and will tend to rise above its banks after the heaviest rainfalls.

The northeastern quarter of the township was primarily larger tracts of land without close proximity to the towns previously described.  Prominent land owners in the area in the 1870’s were the Harner, Holland, LaFong and Koogler families.

Ludlow School #8 was located nearby on the north side of the road adjacent to Ludlow Run creek midway between Linebaugh and Trebein Roads.

Continue up the hill and through the stoplight at Trebein Road.  Many of the nearby homes and barns are in excess of 100 years old and are not only well preserved, but very much still in use today!

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