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Trebein Manor Trebein Manor

Proceed straight through the intersection onto Hilltop Road.  F.C. Trebein’s home, previously occupied by the Frost family, had been an inn and the stage coaches used to stop there.  It was formerly addressed as 1438 Dayton-Xenia Road and is now located on Hilltop Road.  In the 1950’s his home was converted to a restaurant and bar known as the Trebein Manor.

Babe's Trebein Tavern at the northwest corner of the train tracks was a popular destination before a fire caused its closure.  

Here you can see where the old one-lane bridge from Trebein was removed.  From Trebein you cross large tracts of land owned by the Andrews, Fogle, and Burrows families throughout the years and currently by the Nutter family.  The Burrow’s home still stand at 1351 Hilltop Road and pre-dates 1874 and possibly 1855!

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