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Granite Marker For Union School Granite Marker For Union School Clyde Overholser / Evesta Overholser-Stewart

Head left (east) on Dayton-Xenia Road.  On your right is the combination of Jacob Coy Middle School and Trebein Elementary, completed for the 2013-14 school year.  Continue east on Dayton-Xenia Road.  Having just past Beavercreek’s newest schools, let’s reflect on some of the past.  

As previously mentioned, the first school was on Jacob Coy’s land near the present intersection of Homeway and Towncrest Drives.  The second log schoolhouse was southwest of the intersection of Beaver Valley and Lantz Roads.  The third, built in 1817 and a fourth log school was built within two years near Beaver Church, in 1822 it was replaced with a brick building.  Between 1850 and 1880, the Union School, sometimes called Old Beaver, was the outstanding school in the county.

The curriculum was designed for those aspiring to college including algebra, trigonometry, geometry, analysis of the English language, Latin, Greek and physics.  The head teacher, John W. Miller, was so thorough that students who completed the coursework entered Miami University as sophomores!  Union School closed in 1882, there is a granite marker behind Beaver Church marking its location.

Several years prior to the Civil War, thirteen school districts were established in the township offering instruction for grades one through eight.  Under the direction of Professor W.W. Donham, Beavercreek became the first graded rural district in the state.

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