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1961 Description of Zimmerman - Zimmermansville about two miles west of Alpha on the Old Dayton and Xenia Pike had a blacksmith shop, grocery, school house and two Dunkard Churches. The railroad station is a quarter of a mile south of Zimmerman and is named Shoup’s Station.

Present Day - You’ll notice there’s no town of Beavercreek! The area generally referred to as ‘downtown’ was known as Zimmermansville. Later it was shortened to Zimmerman, and often called “Push on” for various, but unconfirmed reasons. Whether it was the train conductors asking riders if they were exiting the train at Shoup’s Station (near the 9-11 Memorial) or going to “Push on” to the next stop or earlier travelers between Dayton and Xenia stopping to water their horses prior to “Pushing On” to their destination – the name stuck.

The community was centered on the intersection of Dayton-Xenia Road and North Fairfield Road, but the mills and train station were to the south at the bottom of the hill near the location of the current Daytona Mill and Beavercreek Station on the Creekside Trail.

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