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J.B. Lucas J.B. Lucas

Cross U.S. Route 35, noting that Valley Road becomes Trebein Road, land to the north side of the highway was owned by the Blessing and Lucas Families. The Glen Thompson State Reserve follows the Little Miami River on your left.  'Lucas Grove', at the current Kil-Kare Speedway location, was a popular park where people would have picnics, fish and host dances - or shivarees as they were known.  

For those who haven’t been around in awhile, these roads have been reconfigured; please turn right onto Dayton-Xenia Road. Ahead are the remnants of the town of Trebein, also called Pinkneyville, Frost Station and Beaver Station at differing times. Turn left onto Shaw Lane. Where the bikeway passes through, the railroad did in years past. Note “William Maxwell Rest Area” on your right.

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