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Nancy Maxwell stated in an interview that she and William never had a door on their cabin southeast of Alpha, but used a blanket to cover the doorway.  When William had to be away from home, she and the children would sleep in the loft to avoid detection if Indians came around.  Supplies for William’s funeral included two pair of hinges – the extra may have been to hang a door on the cabin since William would no longer be there for protection.  He is thought to have been buried near Valley Road on the south side of U.S. Route 35 in an area early known as Allen’s Woods.

Albert Ankeney wrote, "I used to go over there (Allen's Woods) and hunt mushrooms and sometimes look for the tombstone of Mr. Maxwell.  His grave was just marked by a limestone slab that was set on edge.  It had been removed but I knew approximately where the stone could be found.  It was pretty well toward the west end of that big woods that's still there."

In 1941, the Dayton Club of Printing House Craftsmen erected a memorial monument to William Maxwell, it currently stands alongside the bike path in Trebein.  The Ohio Newspaper Association presents the William Maxwell Award in recognition of outstanding individual achievement in the advancement of the newspaper profession.

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