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The Russell Cabin The Russell Cabin

On the downslope you’ll see a northern and southern access road into the Valley View Memorial Cemetery, look to your left between them and you’ll find a very old log cabin that we don’t know a great deal about.  It appears on the 1855 map with the name A. Russell (likely Adam Sr. 1771-2/10/1857, his father Joshua served in the Revolutionary War) attached and the 1874 map on the 100-acre property of J. Russell (likely Joshua  Sr. 1810-10/17/1879 or Joshua Jr. 1826-10/17/1857).

The Russell Cabin is in pretty rough shape, if interested in seeing it, expediency is recommended.  This is private land, so please do not trespass.

Much of the surrounding land was owned in 1874 by John C. Allen and later the Steel and Flynn families.

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