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Only Known Photo Of Harbine's Oil Mill Only Known Photo Of Harbine's Oil Mill Clyde Overholser / Evesta Overholser-Stewart

Turn left onto Factory Road.  Beyond the sanitary plant and just past Colonial Parkway was the location of John Harbine’s oil mill.  Here they would mill and press flax seed to make linseed oil, primarily used in the manufacture of early paints and stains.  The flax seed residue would be pressed into cakes as fuel to burn.

It is believed the Oil Mill was located far south of town due to the strong odors emitted during the milling process.  Looking closer at a high-res version of the image, one can see a man upon a buckboard wagon being drawn by 1-2 horses and another man nearby.

The 1855 Map shows the mill as being west of Factory Road, so the image would have been taken from the north looking toward Indian Ripple Road.  The terrain in the image, possibly falling toward the Little Miami River, suggests the picture was taken from near Indian Ripple Road looking north.  Comment below...

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