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Progress - noun ˈpräɡres/ forward or onward movement toward a destination. 


Following a bout with Malware and a total re-write of the site, we're back in action and making needed improvements!

Preparedness is key when it comes to snow removal by the city and township -- and this year's gonna be a doozy!


​Beavercreek Heritage Trail

There are a great number of historical sites within Beavercreek Township; many are easily accessible, and others require the recollection of others and a bit of imagination. This work is intended to serve as a “driving tour” of sorts, either literally or through your memories. The Beavercreek Heritage Trail offers a Screen Reader, ideal for use on your mobile device! Simply click the PLAY to the lower right of your screen. We encourage you to read the pages in sequence... enjoy, comment & share!

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